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I’m Chaz Deante, and I’m a travel enthusiast. In my free time, the most common thing I do is go on a road trip with my family or friends. Although travel is fun, luggage is a big problem for us. Each of us has suitcases, tents, sleeping bags, etc. These are not small things, which often make our car messy.

Until I discovered a magical thing – the roof bag. We no longer have to worry about space issues. Each roof bag can provide 10-20 cubic feet of storage space, which can accommodate the luggage of 5-6 people, which greatly frees up the space in the car and makes us no longer crowded. However, there are new problems that follow. The quality of roof bags on the market is uneven, and some do not have a waterproof design; some are of poor quality and cannot safely store our luggage in bad weather; When needed, how to store such a huge thing is another problem.

After a long time of searching and experience, we finally found the products we are satisfied with, and built this website specially for these roof bags, hoping to share it with more people who have the same problem as us.

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